So you’re starting an Instagram account but don’t know where to start?

Here are some tips before starting out to ensure that you set up your business Instagram account for success!



First impressions are important and your branding is what leaves a memorable impression on your audience.

First you need to have a color palette that would make your brand cohesive.

Color is a communicative language and knowing what your brand communicate through colors is helpful in speaking to your audience.

Here’s some website that’ll help you choose a color palette that not only would help make your account look put together but actually also aesthetically pleasing.

What to Post on Instagram Everyday for a Week

Here are topics you keep on rotation:


Once you have your topics, photos you can go to for templates.

Canva is free and is a great way to design instagram posts, stories, thank you cards, and many more! It’s really easy with its drag and drop interface and there’s thousands of templates to choose from!



Then once you have your content ready, head over to to plan your content!

Having a visual planner (content calendar) is one of the most important tools within your marketing plan. It visualizes and organize your posts enabling you to see how you communicate with your audience more. With a clear campaign schedule, it’s relieves stress and gets you ahead.





Before Publishing

If you want to be a little extra, you can use the PREVIEW App to look at your feed before you publish it.


Then all that’s left to do is post. Once you have a guiding map that leads you forward you can do it! Have fun with your content!

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